When should you start applying Botox? This is a frequently asked question that needs clarifying. People with lots of expression wrinkles can start at the age of 25. So early, you ask?

Despite the controversy surrounding its use for aesthetic purposes, it should also be noted that Botox can be a powerful preventative tool in the treatment of expression wrinkles.

The formation of wrinkles in the upper part of the face is caused by the contraction of the muscles. The force and frequency of this contraction vary depending on a person’s genes and temperament. After several years, even when the muscles are at rest, wrinkles can start to become noticeable and even when the skin is stretched, horizontal lines can be seen on the forehead and vertical lines in the area between the eyebrows.

People with a tendency to form expression wrinkles can benefit from the early application of Botox to slow the process. This is the preventative effect. Even after a person has stopped applying the product, the skin will have had a chance to rest for various months or years. Besides this factor, there is also the benefit associated with the slackening of the muscle. Even after cessation of the treatment, wrinkles will cease to form so abundantly.

If you look around, you will notice lots of people who look rested, relaxed and attractive and the reason for that is Botox. The art of aesthetic medicine is also about prevention.